“Only when all children enjoy their rights, including their right to education,

will the world change…” Mother Teresa

Founded in 1991, Enfants d’Asie (Children of Asia) provides care for close to 10,000 children, in the form of shelter, medical care, food, school and college. Enfants d’Asie operates humanitarian programs in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and the Philippines for orphans, street or destitute children.

The vulnerable girls in South-East Asia are the first victims of poverty, and violence. It is vital that these underprivileged girls obtain an education to protect them from dangers.

Previous Debs Milana Brunel, Marie Victoire de Kergorlay, Julia Piaton de Turckheim and Natalia Zobel, volunteers in centers of Enfants d’Asie, can attest to the courage and determination of these young girls work extremely hard despite the odds, to obtain their diploma. The New Debs 2013 will have the opportunity to participate to Enfants d’Asie’s work.

Every year, since 2009, the donations received from le Bal have funded a year of schooling for about 900 disadvantaged girls in the mountains of Laos and Cebu in the Philippines, and the creation of a safe care.

Make a dream, in 2013 to sponsor the studies of more poor girls in Asia in order to allow them to escape from misery and build a better future

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